I’ve heard issues can get just a little creepy in bakeries after darkish, however I am certain that is all simply in folks’s heads.

Er… proper?




So, um… heh, say, what do you suppose is on this large hump?

I imply, not that I am nervous or something…


However significantly, WHAT’S IN THE HUUUUMP?


Nicely, golly, have a look at the time!

I actually should be goAAAAAAAUUUGH!!


Please do not open your eyes, please do not open your eyes, pleasedon’topenyoureyes…


Because of Jeremy C., Alana F., Karin Ok., Nicole B., Rose C., & Anony M. for not together with pics of simply the attention on a plate. As a result of I must sleep once more sometime.


P.S. Am I actually going to make use of that nightmare gas as an excuse to say my favourite liquid eyeliner?

Sure, sure I’m.

Nano Liner

Hear, when you hit 40 you are likely to need thinner eyeliners, within the hopes that no less than SOME of your eyeshadow will nonetheless present underneath your drooping eye flaps. I transitioned from brush liners to felt ideas years in the past, and the Nano is my gold commonplace: crisp, skinny traces, a versatile felt tip that makes wings vastly simpler, and better of all, it prices lower than $7, y’all. What whaaaaat. Belief me, purchase two.